Saturday, December 3, 2011

Super Cape and Mask

This super cape was created from an online pattern. Just google blogs and super cape pattern and there are a lot of simple patterns to choose from. I could have made my own, I didn't feel like thinking hard that day.  I created a simple felt applique and sewed sequins around the star. Pretty simple idea.  This is a project I created a good while ago.   The mask was created from a pattern from a blog that I love, Ikat Bag.  Lier's cardboard stuff is incredibly fun and what an inspiration it is to see her creative ideas.
( I am super busy creating an advent calendar. Its way past the time it should be ready. Next fall, I think I will release my advent calendar as a pattern for purchase. I am learning from my mistakes, meaning I am cursing and ripping stitches. Also, the general planning and design has taken a lot of time. If I had just created a paper/ magnet or some other simple advent thing it would be done already. I had to create something that is detailed and time consuming, of course. )
Anyway, the cape uses velcro  and was super easy to make. Just sew, and turn inside out. I could have top stitched it, but I didn't. It wasn't out of satin, either. Just used some cotton broadcloth that I had on hand. She loves this costume, still. It is a time worthy project for any seamstress with small kids.
    Especially it they are leaping off of furniture like mine. It never ceases to amaze me how many ways she comes up with to jump off of chairs, tables, and stacked items. Once, at Barnes and Noble, she took a step stool and chair and leaped from the chair over to the step stool. Of course, I was clutching my chest. The cross expression on my face with the disgust tone in my voice said it all. I don't win any "permissive Mommy" awards, that's for sure. I think she likes to watch me spill my coffee from the nervous shake in my hand as I watch her barely catch the edge of the Evil Kineval stunts she pulls.
My very favorite is the, " lets run in the parking lot and see if we can get mommy to catch me before the car hits me" stunt. I now have a death grip on her hand in a parking lot.
Christmas decorating, baking, and the general duties around here inhibit my creative tasks. Oh well. I sure wish I didn't require sleep, that would be fantastic! I would be like a project genie, a production guru with projects being whipped together overnight and during the day. I can dream....

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