Redesigning a Camper

       Bought this camper off of craigslist. The previous owner was a smoker. After scrubbing it down twice, I set about redoing the interior.
        The dining arrangement original to the camper did not take advantage of space, in my humble opinion.  The table was too heavy, it had fold up legs and was difficult to pick up.  The dining area had  foam that was very thin and was so cheap, it didnt keep its shape. After installing  a boat table with an aluminum post (discount marine the space became a nice area to sit and relax. Honestly, most people eat their meals at the picnic tables or just anywhere outdoors. So downsizing to a small, round table was not a problem for me.
       I went to an upholstery store and ordered four pieces of foam cut to fit dimensions (queen size).  I prewashed everything except the faux cow and leather.  Then, I cut bias strips and made cording. An aluminum and wood frame seating/sleeping support for under the middle section to replace the old table as the support for the mattress. For ambiance, I took "shabby chic" frames in gold and velcroed them to the wall with photos that fit the theme.

I made a "bed roll " of 2" memory foam to go on top of the 5" mattress foam for sleeping. Decorator fabric was on one side and a sheet was on the other. It is basically a duvet cover that buttons.  While rolled up and held with two old belts, it serves as back support and matches the decor. When unrolled for sleeping, the sheet side is smooth and wont move. That is a quick way to make a camping bed conversion from dining area to sleeping while adding the extra memory foam for comfort.

The window valances were removed and  stripped of the old, ugly fabric. I reupholstered them in faux leather and cording. I attached conches and fake bone beads hanging from leather strings.  The original curtains did not close, they were for looks only and hung by velcro.  I made real curtains with "black out" to help insulate and provide privacy. Some of the pillows are for sleeping and the covers are quilter's cotton in various western prints. I picked different prints so that each camper would know which pillow was theirs.
I made the bunk covers like sheets with elastic on the corners to remove an wash.  The bandanas are just tucked over the new valances and curtains. They were $1 a peice from Walmart.   The anchor hooks on the bunk were for a net I made that was trimmed with bandana fabric and had elastic cord pulled through button holes to hold my toddler in while she slept.  The net was also used in tow sometimes to keep things in place.  It is hidden under the bottom bunk mattress.

Forest River Microlite 16FD

I sold the camper on Craigslist. I miss it.