Friday, April 9, 2010

Pillow case dress

A pillow case dress of course is nothing new. Folded, unused sat two antique pillow cases that I made into dresses. I encased the front and back in elastic. I made bias tape with the pieces cut off of one end of the pillow case. It was very easy. Since I had two, I also made one for my niece, Leia.

By the way, there are some really beautiful antique pillow cases on ebay. I love that they were trimmed in crochet and hand embroidered. What a lovely way to recycle someone else's hard work. I wonder who the person was who made these pillow cases and what she would think of this dress.

I have always loved wandering through antique shops and thinking about who owned a certain item and what their life was like. Some beds so grand with gorgeous linen bedding, I wonder what the estates were like. Beautiful handkerchiefs in the hands of young or old and did they cry into them or were they used as a southern lady's statement of class. Golden perfume bottles etched with flowers sitting upon a mirrored dresser, on whose neck did the traces of scent fall? Was their no family who desired the possessions or was it too "old-fashioned" for their taste? Funny how the eye of one person catches an item that becomes an object of desire and anothers eye passes quickly by noticing nothing.


Karen said...

Hi! I love how you used the vintage pillowcases to make the dresses. All that handwork will now be admired by all who see your darling daughter wear the dress. If I were the original needle artist, I would be thrilled! Pretty hair flower, too!

Lisa said...

oh my
flower with flower)

she's so cute
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Jose said...

it very cute, that baby is also cute.
do you have a pattern for this? thanks.
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