Saturday, October 29, 2011

Knitwear Tea Party Outfit

Knit is a wonderful, soft, easy care fabric. You don't need a serger to sew with knit. Although, I did use mine. I grabbed a small amount of a couple of cotton prints and designed an outfit without a commercial pattern. The knit I purchased was $12.99 a yard at Hancocks and I was informed it rarely ever goes on sale. There is a small percentage of spandex in this knit. I have skimmed over several pattern making books recently. I took measurements and set about coming up with a unique design. I am not thrilled with the leggings. they were too tight and I had to add extra fabric on the sides. Freezer paper appliques, glitter fabric paint, and hot fix crystals added some glitz to this girly outfit. Hot fix crystals are super easy but a little pricey in my opinion.

Lately I have been reading on serging techniques. I purchased a pile of books from a woman emptying her mother's sewing room. What a treasury of knowledge I bought for $50! She was really happy to see her mother's books in the hands of another sewing enthusiast.

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