Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tulle and a Rose Girls Tunic

We love the Fancy Nancy books. She has a fantastic vocabulary already for 4, but reading really has added to it. Pretty much if it doesn't have sparkles or some show stopping appeal to it, my daughter won't wear it. She changes shoes several times a day. Sneakers have to have sparkle also.

In my adventures with knit fabric I am discovering its limits. After construction and washing, I look to see how well it holds up. She loves the tutu aspect of the skirt. The rick rack at the top I had leftover from a vacation bible school project years ago. I save lots of scraps like that. I experimented with the "lettuce leaf" edging with varigated serger thread, which I love. This was an original design, also. The knitwear rose was pretty easy, but sewn by hand. Sparkly seed beads added the final touch. It has held up to washing pretty well and is roomier than the tea time dress I featured yesterday.

There are some things I would like to change on the design if I make it again. I have been skimming over Don McCunn's book, " How to make sewing patterns". It is a great resource. Also, "Sewing with knits" by Connie Long. That book is fantastic. Great pictures, graphic illustrations of techniques, and a great source of tips and ideas. The beginning explains the different types of knits. Some of the knits fearured on ballerinas are so beautiful. It's a Taunton Press book and I love their sewing books. I will be doing a give away soon.... some books, I think.

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