Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Corduroy Skirt and Blouse

Back of the blouse. I used an older pattern about 2 years old. McCalls 5693.

Front of blouse. The fabric is a good quality batiste. Elastic gathers in the front and back.

Welted button holes. I made purple piping out of some scrap corduroy, so I decided welted button holes would be a good fit.

Back of the skirt. An Amy Liz original design. gathered with elastic in the back.

The front kind of has a German feel to it. The plaid reminds me of Celtic dress. The buttons are celtic knots. It was time consuming making the piping and button holes. She wears white tights with orange pumpkins on them. I have scraps of corduroy leftover from other projects I have made in the past. I am debating making something with them. Not sure what I would make.

I really do like the look of welted buttonholes. They add a quality to the garment that looks well made.

When I was a child, my mother used to say, "I am not buying that, I could make it, quickly". She never did make the item I was looking at but I get that she was noticing the quality and the price didn't match in her opinion.

On the other hand, I have seen garments priced so cheap sometimes that I purchase them because I know I could not make it for that low price.

Ignorance really is bliss. It makes shopping a little more challenging in some ways. Except the fabric store. It is a destination that I could stay in for hours on end. I mean, I could hire a babysitter just for the express purpose of hanging out in the fabric store. Meandering through the decorator fabrics, imagining curtains, upholstery, etc... Then, onto the pattern books and every kind of sewing, crochet, craft book on the shelves. Seriously, I have been so much that the staff knows my kid. They comment on how much she has grown. We have holiday greetings and smiles when I walk through the door.

The button wall holds me mesmorized. Tiny little plastic replicas of toys, flowers, trucks, fruit, and beautiful vintage reproductions...I just have to stand there and stare. The notion section, well, I adore anything that makes producing a project easier.

I am not a prolific quilter. I have made 2 quilts. They were crib quilts. Maybe I should post those if anyone is interested. Quilting is not an activity that holds my undivided attention. I sure admire anyone who has the dedication to create such a time consuming project.

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