Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Simplicity 3856 & Children's Corner patterns

I turned 38 yesterday. My Best friend sent me this birthday card, isn't it sweet? That's me and her, the brunette and the blonde.

Lots to blog about today


The smocking is coming along, slowly but surely. Now I am working on the organdy collar. I decided not to go with the collar on the pattern, but to create my own. I drew a design on

tracing paper after tracing the dress yoke.

Next, I made a denim skirt using Simplicity 3856

I made the gores larger (1") for added fullness. I left the edges raw. I like the look of denim after washing and it frays. This denim has tiny multi colored sequins all over it.

The blouse is a Children's Corner pattern. I made a Hello Kitty bow to match. Of course, I had to put the crinoline I made from a vintage pattern (see older post) under it.


fancypants said...

That skirt is adorable! The model is pretty cute too! I like how you made it fuller skirt- little girls need skirts they can twirl in. :-)

Iseecells said...

Thank you. You see, she poses now. Truth is, I'd like to twirl in a sparkly skirt too.

seon74 said...

Happy birthday Amy!
She is so cute..Say hi for me.(kisses&hugs)