Friday, March 26, 2010


Love those fancy pincushions on the net. I made this one with a crochet trim I was working on. I found these little blue buckets at Michaels. There's room under the pincushion to store some snips, thread, wax, my mini bottle cap pincushion, etc. When I was in New Bern, NC I found some long glass head straight pins. (glass heads don't melt under an iron)

Check out these felt pincushions here. If you have a beautiful pincushion you've made, send me a pic, I'd love to see it.

I am still working on the microcheck dress. Concentrating on embroidery is intense but relaxing at the same time. There's just nothing like being climbed on, hair pulled, and trying to maintain a decent stitch while my toddler jumps on the bed I'm sitting on. She even managed to grab a hold of the organdy collar last night along with my mini pin cushion and stuck pins in the collar. I was stricken with horror, thinking she had snagged the organdy. Thankfully, it was fine. I'll post the collar when it's done.

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