Monday, March 1, 2010

Still Smocking

After sewing frantically by machine, smocking seems slow. It goes even slower when I make a mistake and have to pull out stitches! My little girl is so excited. She wants to wear it now, I can't smock fast enough for her. The boring task of back smocking is a necessity that I dont look forward to doing. (back sm0cking ... that is when you smock the back of the smocked piece so that the pleats stay in place.) BUT, I do find it relaxing about as much I find crocheting to be. I"ll take a breath and try not to feel hurried.

My smocking teacher was Charlotte Butler, of ,"The Ghent Needlecrafter" in Hampton Virginia. The year was 1997, and she closed shop that same year. She had a beautiful shop and I used to drool over her creations. One dress in particular had little cherries shadow embroidered on a white batiste dress. She said all 4 daughters whore it, if my memory serves me correctly. My 2nd daughter was just a tiny baby. My first project was a christening gown for her. I use a pleater my mom bought years ago, a small Pullen pleater. I would love to have a large pleater to create larger smocked yokes.


Martha said...

Very lovely. I love the pink on the green. And what isn't there to love microcheck. Your smocking is wonderful.
I shopped many times at Ghent Needlecrafter when we were stationed at Langley. Owner was very nice. I was sad to hear she had closed the shop.

Iseecells said...

Thank you Martha, your compliment means a lot considering how beautiful you handwork is. The Ghent Needlecrafter, I loved the display of dresses she had on the walls. One, I will never forget had hand embroidered cherries all around the hem. Her daughters wore it. I was hoping she had a blog, but I couldn't find one. I'd love to see what she's making now.