Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christening Gown (smocked & embroidered)

slip with scallop edge stitch done on my Bernina

Shadow Embroidery on the bottom

lace and tucks created with crochet thread and a special grooved foot for pleats

hand embroidery on the bodice and the hemline

tiny seed beads sewn throughout

Australian Smocking Magazine had this gown feautured on the front cover of one of their issues. I fell in love with it. The materials were about $200. It was tedious, but loving work. Something that I hope she can look at later and see how much effort I put into this garment for her. A tangible object that when she touches the places I embroidered with my hands she will hopefully think about the hopes I have for her life.

I have been working on a pink fur coat and hat that has taken some time and design effort. In between I have baked pumpkin cheesecake muffins & shepherds's pie. Running back and forth to preschool and dance lessons has cut into my creative time.

An idea for an advent calendar of some sort is being drafted in my head. Hopefully, I will be able to actually produce it. My sewing area looks like a small animal was run over in there. pink fur rolls all over the floor. Faux fur is a mess to work with. My clothes were covered in hair. Not a great idea when you're wearing black pants. Knocking over a container of beads that were organized was a frustration. Luckily, my daughter decided to help me organize them again. It gave her something to do. She loves going through the buttons and ribbons.

Yesterday I cut dress shapes out of that foam stuff and she colored them with markers. I tried to show her how to sew with felt but she isn't ready for that yet.

There is never enough time in the day for me to do all I have planned for the day. Its a shame I require sleep.

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