Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making a Corset

I love this book by Susan Khale and Claire Shaeffer. Actually, any book by Claire Shaeffer is a favorite of mine. What a wealth of knowledge she has packed into her books. I highly recommend any of her books. Another one is below, "Couture Sewing Techniques". I have even taken this book with me while I soak in the tub.

And, I must say, I am a fan of Project Runway. I just wish I could see more of their sewing techniques. I like to watch the construction of the garments. I have a formal occasion to go to and I had this antique reproduction pattern that I purchased about a year ago. I can't find the pattern now, but it is a Simplicity pattern, I think. I made a muslin. The fabric is not very expensive. Its a faux silk outiside and broadcloth interlining and then duck cloth on the inside. After basting by hand and sewing the peices together by machine, I have been spending hours handsewing the raw edges under. I do need to make a modesty peice so that my skin isn't showing under the lacing. I want to use a different fabric, I think. I am thinking about covering the corset with machine embroidery, lace, and beads. I will make a skirt to wear with it. Just need to surf the net for some lace.

This is time consuming. I hope it turns out to be great.

My daily activity is full of breakfast, lunch, and dinner making. Although, I did make a huge pot of chicken and dumplings to eat off of for a week. I had to break down last night and eat steak with a red onion sherry sauce and horseradish on the side, sweet baked potato, and a salad with artichokes. This morning the pancakes I made were so filling I couldnt finish them. I used a quick biscuit mix instead of making them from scratch with buttermilk. Now its time to think about lunch and then back to stitching.

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