Monday, November 21, 2011


I enjoy watercolor painting. When a man I dated left for Afghanistan, I sent him goodies in the mail. I painted this for his postage label and copied it on the printer. I inserted it into a plastic sleeve page and taped it to the top of the box. When he returned, he had the box top with him. He absolutely loved it. It showed my thoughtfulness. ( Along with his favorite 60% cocoa chocolate chip & walnut cookies I sent in a tin among other food items I mailed. )

I haven't had time to paint since I have been working on clothing designs and an idea for a Christmas craft. My daughter's preshool is only 3 hours 4 days a week and that isn't very condusive to creativity. I try to cook meals that will last a few days so that I can have more time to make things. I spent yesterday creating that blog title thing but it's so big. I can't change the size, frustrating. If it is annoying, please let me know.
Advent calendars are great and I have an idea for a shabby chic one. I just need to hurry. I also need to make 18" doll clothes and baby doll clothes for gifts. We have the "Molly" American girl doll. It caused crying and squeeling with delight when my daughter tore the paper and saw the red box and the doll's face last Christmas. So, I have 2 patterns for doll clothes. I do not want to come up with my own pattern for that. It's simply too much work. The construction will take enough time. I may make a bag for the doll. Not sure.

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