Friday, February 26, 2010

Who gives a HOOT?

Owl flannel nightgown, whooooo cares

I have been practicing a rolled hem on my serger. Flannel creates a lot of lint, dirtied up my new machine. I did not have my heart in making the 2 nightgowns (at 1 a.m.) I made. It doesn't excite me. But, I have had a hard time finding a long, warm nightgown for Eliana. The plastic gemstones I had to add for the "bling-bling" obsessed.

Today, I am pleating some microcheck fabric using "Mindy" from Children's Corner. I am not sure what the yoke is going to look like. I may do some shadow work embroidery. Right now, I am smocking in peach. Love the green and peach together! I had to rush to pleat today because we may take a car trip to the RV show in Raleigh tomorrow. Hopefully I can knock out some stitches on the drive.

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seon74 said...

soooo cute.
Have a nice trip.