Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flannel Nightgowns

Sometime in the fall, I had purchased flannel fabric on sale. I also bought a pattern for a nightgown that said "EASY" on the envelope. I had put off making them so that I could make other things. 2 days ago, I decided to make them because it's still winter and it would give me practice on my new serger. I ended up rethreading my serger about 6 times. So, I have that down pat. After 2 days of working on these nightgowns ( when I get the chance), I am sick of them. I cut the fabric while she was asleep at nap time, so I didn't measure. I just selected the size 3 and started construction.

The top was too wide and was sliding off of her shoulders. So, I ended up making a tuck in the back yoke, sewing with long stitches. That way, when she grows into the top I can just pick the stitches out and she will get more wear out of it. Now, if I can complete the other one.

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