Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mad Hatter hat

A snow day spontaneous crochet project that turned out kinda weird. So, I call it the "mad hatter" hat. After all, she is in love with that story.

To give her something else to do, I cut out copies of Richard Scarry's, "Busy Town" book pages and glued them to a cardboard box to make our own busy town play thing. Some things turn out to be not as amazing as I imagine them.

The overall jumper is an older pattern and the fabric is a remnant of decorator fabric that I have had for about 18 years.

I am currently working on a petticoat from a 60's pattern that was my great Aunt Margie's. Having a stash of 60s kids patterns, my grandmother decided I should be the recipient of Aunt Margie's sewing stuff. It's a treasure to me to see the design details of that era.

The pettitcoat is cut out and is sitting on my sewing table waiting for me to finish this post. The petticoat is a necessary item for another idea in my head, a clover leaf dress for St. Patrick's Day. I want to do shadow work embroidery on a collar. The crinoline or petticoat I'm making will help the dress to "puff out". I love frilly, puffy, girly dresses and luckily, so does my little girl.

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