Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toddler Sewing Project

I pretty much am getting nothing done around the house with my toddler at my heels, climbing on the kitchen counter, or with potty training. So, I wanted to just sit with a cup of hot tea and read a magazine, but that was just too much to ask from Miss Busybutt. I had some cardboard that was sitting by the trash, I decided to cut into a "sewing" project. I have seen lacing cards on the net and in stores. I already had the cording from a project my older daughter never completed. I just had to cut out shapes with a knife. I use a "tester" knife from a model building kit I had. I tied one end cord around one of the holes and wrapped duck tape around the other end so that she can easily stick them through the holes. Just as easily, someone could use a shoeshtring. She loves it!! She told me, "mommy don't touch my sewing stuff, o.k.". Funny, she's only repeating what she's heard from me over and over again.

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Jeannie B. said...

I think that is such a wonderful idea!! I bet your toddler loves it. They always want to be in the middle of what ever we do!