Friday, February 5, 2010

As a kid, I was constantly creating things. I remember my grammy having a huge Victoran dresser that had drawers full of sequins, paper, glue, pens, markers, colored pencils,etc.. an I would feel excitement over the possibilities of what I could create with those tools of creation. I didn't start to sew until I was pregnant with my first child. I attempted sewing in high school but the only machine I had wouldn't work and so I gave up. I often wonder if I had started sewing earlier and having a sewing instructor would have accelerated my sewing abilities beyond what they are now.

Self taught sewing meant a lot of mistakes. I have sewn many items over the years..some good some not so great. Many sleepless nights and dark-circled, weary-eyed coffee laden mornings, I have had to create things without the disturbance of young children. Some things were necessary church outfits that cost me little in funds, but a lot in time and effort. Other things, I just wanted to make for the sake of the beauty of the creation.

Ripping seams, crying over a pattern that didn't make sense, or having to throw away something that took hours to make is something most people who see the final product don't know about . I am never bored. I stalk the day, waiting to pounce on the one moment I have alone to indulge in creating something unique or fun. It is a distraction from stress and from constant children's books, cartoons, and potty training. It reminds me of who I am and delivers proof of a need for improving my skills. There is never enough time in the day or night to bring to fruition the ideas stirring about in my craft- crazed mind.

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