Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mini Battery Powered Paper Lanterns

Little paper lanterns hang on small sticks and are made with battery powered flicker lights bought in the candle section. They are hot glued to the bottom of small plastic bathroom cups. They are fun anytime of the year. Without the sticks, the mini lantern would be cute on a little tree or to give as a Valentine's gift with a note attached.


  • Dowel sticks (multi packs available from Walmart for a little over a dollar)

  • Acrylic paint (for sticks)

  • Ribbon, punches, stickers, beads, or other decorations

  • Scissors

  • Paper (I used cardstock)

  • Bathroom cups (2 1/4" height) make sure the tea light will fit inside

  • Battery powered tea lights ( I bought a 6 pack from Michaels)

  • Hot glue

  • All purpose glue

  • Exacto knife

Cut cardstock 2 1/4" x 10" long with fancy edge scissors of choice

Glue ribbon, place punches, add stickers,

Fold cardstock accordian style (see above)

Cut a square hole in the bottom of the cup for the tea light on/off switch

Make 2 slits near the top on the sides for the ribbon to go through

Glue the ribbon to the inside bottom of cup.

Put two holes or slits for ribbon near the rim of the cup

Put hot glue (or other glue) on the bottom of the cup

Place tea light in the cup, making sure the switch lines up with the hole on bottom

Put ribbon through holes near the rim and pull through.

I ran both ends of ribbon through beads and glued hearts, paper keys, or tied in a knot or bow.

Glue the folded cardstock to the outside of the cup.

On the top of the lantern (where you can see the switch) , glue hearts or stickers, without covering the switch.

Attach the mini lantern to a stick by hot gluing a ribbon before tying it down.

Wrap it several times around the stick while the glue is still hot, before tying in a bow.

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